Are You Struggling With Headaches, Migraines And TMJ Disorder? Written By: Dr. Ankita Shah, Jan 2021

TMJ and headaches, migraines

TMJ pain has been reported in 1 in 10 people, and TMD has been reported in almost half of the population.

TMD = The Great Impostor Disease

sign symtoms of headache

What is a headache?

There are so many different types of headaches like

Tension headaches

Cluster headaches

Migraine headaches

Hormone headaches

Ice pick headaches

How is a headache caused?

Truly doctors wouldn't know the exact cause of headaches. Regardlessly all headaches are mediated by the Trigeminal nerve. Most research indicates that the pain from headaches comes from a mixture of signals between brain, blood vessels and nerves. These are very specific nerves around our blood vessels and around the muscles in our head, neck and jaw. When these get turned on, signals pain to our brain.

We believe the pain signals to the brain are caused due to muscle dysfunction. We believe dysfunctional muscles i.e. the muscles that are swollen and that are inflamed put pressure on the nerves and this pressure contributes to headaches. Typically those who have chronic headaches also have other issues related to muscle dysfunction that is neck pain, jaw pain, worn off teeth due to grinding, postural imbalances from jaw all the way down to the feet.

Dysfunctional muscles leads to.

ear and neck pain
jaw pain

Patients having forward neck and shoulder posture due to mouth breathing, tongue ties or other causes show a rotation in the upper cervical vertebrae especially C1(Atlas) that can contribute to headaches as well.

foward neck posture

Non Invasive Treatment For Headaches

If the cause is your TMJ, treatments aiming at the root cause can help ease headache pain and allow you to take precautions to prevent future headaches. We need to focus on a neuromuscular balance that can be achieved with myofascial massage, LLLT, myofunctional therapy, orthotics and teeth alignment. When muscles become less inflamed, the pressure is then taken off the nerves and headaches are decreased drastically. We believe that lowering the threshold of excitation of the trigeminal nerve by putting the muscles in the most relaxed position is what contributes to treatments being more successful. Additionally physical therapists and chiropractors can help with the alignments of C1 vertebrae and postural issues that are contributing to the headaches. It helps to decrease all kinds of headaches.

Let’s live a pain free life!

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